Frequently Asked Questions

What is EverySign?

EverySign is a digital consent platform which enables users all over the world to complete electronic paperwork and agree (or disagree) to just about anything by completing a simple three step process which requires access to a mobile phone and basic biometrics.

What’s different about EverySign (compared to other e-signature tools)?

Conventional e-signing tools require lots of pre-planning. These tools aren't spontaneous, truly mobile, or widely accessible.

EverySign is challenging and changing all the rules of e-signing.

In fact, at EverySign, you don't electronically sign for anything; you digitally consent to everything.

What is a tokenized ID?

A tokenized ID is a one-time-use digital token that users create and use whenever they EverySign.

If you already use an e-signature tool, this means no more stored “signatures” which are just your full name written in robotic cursive, and you can say goodbye to scanning and saving a picture of your “real” signature (how weird is that process?!).

And if you’re new to the digital consent space, EverySign empowers you to use your digital identity easily and safely in a mobile-first world.

How safe is EverySign?

At EverySign, your login is tied to your mobile phone number and biometrics. It’s the only way you can sign in and out of our system, record consent or complete any kind of digital document.

The best thing? At EverySign, you don’t need to remember any passwords or old login details buried in your email.

Any document or piece of consent you complete on EverySign is stored securely in our cloud.

And we’re not stopping there.

We’re looking to the future of data safety and guarding of personal and private information (PPI). Our team’s working on ways to encrypt data with passwords which will only be available to relevant parties of a consent process and incorporating decentralized identifiers (DIDs) into our system to create the most secure digital documents and consent solution available globally.

Why doesn’t EverySign have a subscription payment model?

Subscriptions are expensive and if the data out there’s right, as customers, most of us don’t use the services we pay for to their full capacity.

We all want bang for our buck and at EverySign we decided to make this a reality.

Users pay a small annual fee to access our platform and then pay for Doc Stacks which can be scaled up or down depending on how much of the service they actually want and need.

How do Doc Stacks work?

Your annual EverySign platform fee comes with a set number of free Docs.

Once you’ve used these free Docs, you can pay to access more.

Our pay-as-you-go approach means you only pay for what you need and use. If you need more Docs, you can buy a bigger Doc Stack. If you use less than you’ve paid for, you can opt for something smaller.

How and where can I see my signed documents?

EverySign’s Doc Viewer empowers every signee to track, store, and catalog every document, agreement or piece of consent they’ve ever completed via our platform.

It is as simple as logging in with your registered mobile phone number.

Can I access my signed documents without an EverySign subscription?

EverySign’s Doc Viewer revolutionizes the way users access their consent and completed documents.

Located on our website, log onto Doc Viewer with your registered mobile phone number to view, share, and catalog anything you’ve ever EverySign’d for free.

Can I use any mobile phone to complete an EverySign request?

EverySign users can use any smartphone to digitally sign a document or provide consent.

If a user’s completing an EverySign request on someone else’s smartphone, they can even use a 2G-enabled non-smartphone to tokenize their ID.

Does EverySign work all over the world?

EverySign is a global platform that works anywhere and everywhere there’s cellular connectivity.

EverySign works online and facilitates consent processes offline, too.

Humans and life are unpredictable.

Consent doesn’t need to be.